Top Jazz Musicians of All Time

We have put together a list of the top six jazz musicians in history. Here is the top six….

Miles Davis

Miles Dewey Davis (1926 -1999) was a hugely influential American jazz musician. In the 1940’s he was one of the biggest jazz names and became known around the world. He created many remarkable jazz albums throughout his successful career as a jazz musician. He had a talent for bringing together incredible jazz talents and creating incredible jazz bands. But he wasn’t just a bandleader, he was also jazz trumpeter and composer). His most popular album was Kind of Blue (1959) which is the #1 selling jazz album of all time.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Daniel Armstrong (1901 – 1971), also known as ”Snatch” is also one of the most influential American musicians in jazz history. Armstrong was a vocalist, trumpeter and composer and provided five decades of incredible jazz music. Originally, he joined the Olivers band but after much convincing by friends and family he decided to go solo in 1925 And this is when his career really took off! His most popular songs include ‘What a Wonderful World’, ‘These Foolish Things’, ‘Go Down Moses’ and ‘You Won’t Be Satisfied’.

Duke Ellington

Edward Kennedy (1899 – 1974) was an American jazz musician who was later named ”Duke” Ellington at the beginning of his jazz career. This gave him a suave and sophisticated entry into the jazz world. Ellington became the leader to many different successful jazz orchestras and he was also a composer and pianist. His career was very influential in jazz music and lastest for six successful decades. His best-known works include ‘In a Sentimental Mood’, ‘Take The A Train’, ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’, ‘Sophisticated Lady’ and ‘I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart’.

John Coltrane

John Coltrane (1926 – 1967) was an American saxophonist and composer and his music are extremely well-known even in the present day. Coltrane was the man behind free jazz which was essentially experimenting with different jazz tones, chord changes, tempos etc. He changed jazz conventions for the future generations of aspiring jazz musicians. His most well-known works include ‘My One and Only Love’, ‘A Love Supreme’, ‘Every time We Say Goodbye’ and ‘Giant Steps’.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Jane Fitzgerald (1917 – 1996) earnt the name of ”Queen of Jazz” as she was one of the first incredible and successful female jazz musicans. She is well-known around the world for her unique and pure tone, incredible improvisation skills and fabulous timing, tone and phrasing in all of her songs. Fitzgerald created many successful albums and songs throughout her long career. Her most well known were ‘A-Tisket, A-Tasket’, ‘Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye’, ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’, ‘Stairway To The Stairs’ and ‘The Man I Love.

Charlie Parker

Charles Parker (1920 – 1955) was an American saxophonist. Parker had an extremely short debut into the jazz world. However, he is one of the most influential well-known jazz musicians today. Parker made some massive discoveries about jazz music that change its history. He discovered a series of new musical vocabulary and sound. His most well-known works include ‘Now’s The TIme’, ‘A Night In Tunisia’, ‘Moose The Mooche’ and ‘My Little Suede Shoes’.

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